Club Penguin Candy Swirl Pin Location – December 29th

Club Penguin has released their final pin of 2011! It’s a Candy Swirl Pin. You can find it at the Coffee Shop in the left corner. The last pin that was hidden in this room was the Snow Cone back in September 2011. This is the 9th pin to be hidden in this room.

The next pin will be the Conch Shell Pin.

The following pages have been updated:

8 thoughts on “Club Penguin Candy Swirl Pin Location – December 29th

  1. are u busy today train? If not, i was wondering if u wanted to go on cp today.
    Oh and it’s blazing fast because i can do it on my school computer because i bypassed the firewall. :D

  2. I remember this pin, but I didnt pick it up because I didnt know what pins were back then. I thought it was a leftover Christmas Party decoration. :P

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