Club Penguin Coins For Change (CFC) Cap Exclusive

Last week I listed what all the items will be for Coins For Change and the Holiday Party 2011. If you need a refresher, see this post. Anyway, as spotted by Yellow Crown┬átoday, on Club Penguin’s website they already have an image of it up! Take a look at the front most penguin in the tree T-Shirt. As you can see, he has the CFC Cap on, which will be released next week.

Very cool, and thanks for sharing, Yellow Crown!

27 thoughts on “Club Penguin Coins For Change (CFC) Cap Exclusive

  1. I found some pictures of a few 2006 parties in an old folder which I thought of deleting.But I am shutting down soon so I may sent a few pictures later like Valentine Party etc :-D

  2. lolz i think that rockhopper will bring the Cfc cap and i think that this head item will be the only free head item for non members BUT we ( non members ) will get allot of Backgrounds and pins and we can also find Aunt Artic and rockhopper !!! =D awesome !! :) im gonna try to find them both and then im gonna add them to my friendlist ( i have now Gary and Sensei in my friendslist =D yay )

  3. there’s this thing under this post and it says, congratulations you’ve reached the last page, send me a message to let me know. What’s that about?

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