Club Penguin Coins For Change 2011 Information

Thanks to a press release from Club Penguin onĀ PRNewswire, I’ve managed to get some information about the 2011 Coins For Change event. For all the information click the link above. Otherwise, here are the notable details:

  • Just like last year, the Lighthouse will be filled with donated coins. However this year, if it’s completely filled (it probably will be) Club Penguin will double the overall money they are donating to $2,000,000 (2 Million US Dollars!)
  • The event will be from December 15th (14th technically) to the 27th.
  • As usual the options you donate to will help decide how much money goes to where
  • The charities this year are for helping children, families, and the planet
  • Results will be announced on January 1, 2012

Very cool! It’s great that Club Penguin is willing to double how much money they donate this year. Let’s help them reach their goal and fill the Lighthouse once it’s time to donate!

3 thoughts on “Club Penguin Coins For Change 2011 Information

  1. Wow! Sounds amazing.

    By the way, have u noticed Club Penguin added two new flags on the clothing catalog? They are Austria and Liechenstein flag.

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