Puffle Launch Updated; Lite Version Released

As mentioned by Liam in Club Penguin’so blog, the paid version of Puffle Launch has been updated for iOS and Android to version 1.1. This update includes a new app icon, 12 bonus levels, and bug fixes. Surprisingly no German translation was added and the password character limit bug has not yet been fixed.

The bonus levels are different compared to the Box Dimension levels in the regular Puffle Launch game. You still need to think ¬†quite a bit to get all the Puffle O’s.

The Lite version of Puffle Launch has also been released onto the iTunes App Store. [link] It features six free to play levels for the wonderful price of nothing. There is no Android Version at this time.

In addition to the app updates a new login screen advertising Puffle Launch has been added. It mentions the new lite app.

Finally, Club Penguin has also added information about the lite app to their mobile apps page.

The following page has been updated:

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