Club Penguin Times Issue #315

Club Penguin has released a new newspaper, for the 3rd of November. This brings us to the 315th issue.

The main headline is this week’s newspaper is about Pufflescape being released.

The second main headline in the newspaper is all about Club Penguin’s first Card-Jitsu Party. It will arrive to the island on November 24th.

There are the upcoming events – which ones are you looking most forward to?

The upcoming events are:

  • November 10th – Better Igloos Catalog
  • November 10th – Igloo Upgrades Catalog
  • November 17 – New Pin

On the second page the Halloween Igloo Contest winners are announced.

The winners are:

  • Abbeydoo2002
  • Barbie2700
  • Buddy21214
  • Crazycat709
  • Evster1
  • Flamebolt12
  • Galki1
  • Hannah77366
  • Jasmine 7575
  • Johncena7565
  • Justin2101
  • Laila2004
  • Lu Lu 17
  • Maxifid99
  • Mirymeg
  • Preston13253
  • Rybolt2
  • Slamjamj
  • Susie me 2
  • Timmy45620

The runner ups are:

  • 725 Guppy1
  • Alvinvo2
  • Claudigirl1
  • Deedee11051
  • Doo246810
  • Fireball5115
  • Grendly
  • Icie97331
  • Jaredfrogboy
  • Juliannaxo22
  • Juliette 3
  • Kewf
  • Lugia1079
  • Matthew7403
  • Mixed Emtion
  • Rocky6231
  • Ruby94478
  • Solomoya
  • Supper0green
  • Victoriah157

Also, this whole month instead of “Ask Aunt Arctic” it will be “Ask Sensei”.

The following pages have been updated:

5 thoughts on “Club Penguin Times Issue #315

  1. I doubt it. It’s going to be the holiday party… sensei said HE WILL KNOW when it is time. “The ELAMENTS do not SHOW SIGNS of cj snow comin yet” he says!

  2. i would say the snow or midnight ninjas might come this year i found this on the log in screens a battle between water and fire and i bet sensei will be online with a new background this year

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