Club Penguin Vlog: Puffle Hats & Apps

Club Penguin has uploaded a new video blog. This time they’re using their own video player based on a website called Kaltura. To make it easier I’ve uploaded it to YouTube. You can watch the one minute vlog below.

In it, Liam (who we’ve seen before) discusses the special Puffle Hats and unlockables items, as well as the Puffle Launch app. In a few days time (November 17th to be exact) the Puffle Launch app will be updated. It will feature 12 more levels. It looks like the Soda Sunset Levels but they are different, as he said they are Bonus Levels. Liam briefly showcased a level in the video. I do not know if Android users will receive the update, but it seems likely. I also have a feeling the German translation will be added. Finally, I hope they will fix the 20 characters max password bug! The app’s icon is also changed. He also mentioned there will be a Puffle Launch Lite app (free) featuring 6 levels.

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