I’m On Club Penguin’s Fan Art Page!

Back in 2008, a friend of mine, Cain, wanted to draw my penguin. I told him sure, and I was amazed at the result. After getting permission, I submitted it to Club Penguin’s Coats For Kids program. To my amazement, it made it onto Club Penguin’s Fan Art! Notice a familiar outfit?

Here’s the image:

Here’s the original image my friend made of me – I had edited my penguin name out. It’s in a little bit better quality, too.

Cool! I’m going to try and draw my own penguin in a coat now, even though I know it won’t turn out as nearly as good as the one my friend drew of me. Also, congratulations to Saraapril for hers getting posted too!

10 thoughts on “I’m On Club Penguin’s Fan Art Page!

  1. Club Penguin posted my drawing too. It’s the first time Club Penguin posted my drawing. Although I’m not really good in drawing, I’m happy to help support Club Penguin and “Warm Coats and Warm Hearts” and I feel honored Club Penguin chose to post my drawing on the same wall with Trainman and Saraapril. By the way, mine is the black penguin with the colorful coat.

  2. hey trainman did u know u can call cp and brag them money to put your artwork on the blog and give you more coins but sometimes u can ask for coins and get them for free, cool huh?,like i seed last time meet me on cp sometime.

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