Unfixed Club Penguin Bugs – September 2011 Edition

As it’s a new month, I have compiled a list of all the known bugs on Club Penguin on my other website, Club Penguin Bugs. To view the extensive list, click here or click the image below. (props to you if you get it!)

5 thoughts on “Unfixed Club Penguin Bugs – September 2011 Edition

  1. I found one:
    Hold down the letter “W” on your keyboard while you wear the “bell” hand item and there will be a loud freezing bell noise!.

  2. Bugs, bugs, and more bugs! Isn’t it greaT? Here’s another one…

    Go to your igloo and change your igloo (I did the Whale’s Mouth when I discovered this glitch)

    Then, trying clicking your puffles after edit mode. You can’t. And also, you can’t type and hit enter…you have to press the little send button.

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