Club Penguin Upcoming Stuff Exclusives

Along with Club Penguin’s updates last night, they had updated some of their core files again. A brief glance at them shows that they have added more unreleased items to them, as well as containing some brief information on the 2011 Halloween Party. There are the names of some additional upcoming items floating around on a website, however I looked in Club Penguin’s files and it is not there. Either the item names are fake, it’s in a file I do not know, or Club Penguin removed it. If I come across the stuff I shall post it.

While it’s already stuff we know, Club Penguin has started to prepare their files for the Halloween Party.

Secondly, the Login Screen file references an unknown login screen.

Finally, in Club Penguin’s Igloo Flooring file there is an unreleased item labeled as the Woven Rice Mat. It’ll cost 750 coins.

19 thoughts on “Club Penguin Upcoming Stuff Exclusives

  1. COOL!
    I know you dont want to share were you get the files but would you PLEASE tell me.
    I’m will not tell anyone, not even my best friend!
    I’m a honest penguin and have never been banned before in my life.
    I understand if you want to keep it a secret.

  2. Yeah please tell me how did u find the cp files ? please tell us maybe lots of players could help u with finding unreleased items: )

  3. Hi there :D
    Next week there will be a NEW PIN =D and the new pin will be a CRISTAL BALL pin :D and non members will get a FREE candy Ghost background lolz and a hand item ( The monster muzak / On The Edge ) and members will get a Werewolf custume ,Green frankenfeet,Purple Spider costume lolz

    And u know that in a couple of weeks there will be a celebration about the Club penguin card ji-itsu Fire and water ? ok then we will get 2 pins … A HOT SAUCE pin and a Blue Fish pin :) and also new fire and water costumes :)

  4. Awesome! Now I can go on Cps files! I found the 6th aniversary hat, Cadences Puffle, Green Viking Hat, Sensei Grey (member), Sensei’s Beard (everyone)

  5. I imagine the Woven Rice Mat In the November 2011 Furniture Catalog, or something to do with Novembers Party? Ah only time will tell.

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