Club Penguin October 2011 Pay Day

Wow, it’s October already?! 2011 has flown by! Anyway, because it’s a new month your penguin has been paid 350 coins for being a EPF agent and 250 coins for being a tour guide.

If you have not yet received your payment yet be patient, as Club Penguin’s system is still sending it to all penguins!

4 thoughts on “Club Penguin October 2011 Pay Day

  1. Hey Trainman1405!

    First off all i love your site and posts! You know everthing that will come to CP and till now you were right! :D
    Second thing…about the post,
    I am realy happy that they have a pay day..cause i really need some money for the Halloween costumes XD

  2. the thing that says, “recycle” that you click to delete a message in your mailbox on CP now says, “recyclen”. Is that the word for recycle in German?

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