Definite Proof Puffle Launch Is Coming To Android

A week ago I made a post pointing out that on the Club Penguin Blog, Billybob stated that the team is working on making Puffle Launch available to other devices in the future. While he didn’t say for sure it’d be Android, it seems really likely that it’d be for that mobile phone operation system.

Now we have definite proof. I was reviewing the new comments on here, and when I read one from Joann I was intrigued – the comment stated that on Club Penguin’s Terms of Use, Disney/Club Penguin updated it with a statement about Apple and iOS. What’s right under it? Google and Android. Why would that be there, you ask? If you put together two and two, you’ll come to the conclusion that it’s definitely Android that Puffle Launch will be coming to at some point in the future.

Full text:

Android Additional Terms — The following additional terms and conditions apply with respect to our applications designed for use on an Android-powered mobile device (“Android App”):

1. You acknowledge that these terms of use are concluded between you and us only, and not with Google, Inc. (“Google”). We, and not Google, are solely responsible for our Android App and the services and Content available thereon.

2. You agree that your use of our Android App shall be subject to the then-current Android Market Terms of Service.

3. Google Inc., as provider of the Android Market, shall have no obligation or liability to you with respect to our Android App or these terms of use.

4. You acknowledge and agree that Google is a third party beneficiary to the terms of use applicable to our Android App.

4 thoughts on “Definite Proof Puffle Launch Is Coming To Android

  1. Hey Trainman, I recently got the new “Card-Jitsu Handbook” book, and there was a challenge/game that was a find-it activity. It looked normal at first….but then I saw some new items that caught my eye in it:

    If you can’t see it well, I’ll elaborate on the items:

    Blue Circle = Pink Hat
    Red Circle = Muffin Apron (if you look closely, you can see the penguin with a tray of muffins)
    Green Circle = Santa Hoodie
    Yellow Circle = Some New Winter Outfit


    I don’t remember seeing any of these 4 items before, and I know it is a little hard to make out, but I did provide descriptions for what is circled. Feel free to post this, and I hope they come soon! I wonder when the Muffin Apron will come?

    • The Pink Hat is old…unsure about the others. Could you show me the picture without the circles? It’s a bit hard to see the Muffin Apron :P

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