Club Penguin The Fair 2011 Unlimited Tickets Cheat Hack

Here’s a little ticket cheat I found at The Fair! I’ve tested it with two games so far – Puffle Paddle and Feed A Puffle, as shown below. If you choose to post this on your website please credit me! It would mean a lot. Anyway, here’s how to do it:

  • Play Puffle Paddle or Feed A Puffle (only games I have tested it on)
  • Play the game until you decide you are done. Do not leave the game. Hit tab on your keyboard until there is a yellow box around the X button.
  • Keep hitting the enter button on your keyboard as fast as you can!
  • If it says “Please exit your game before leaving the room” you did it right! Depending on how many times it multiplied the tickets, you might’ve earned double, triple, or even quadruple the tickets as you were supposed to earn!

Here’s a quick video showing how to do it – I was supposed to get 24 tickets but instead I got 48.

Update:¬†Or play Spin to Win. Hit tab until it’s on “end game” and hold it down for a while to see your ticket amount fly upwards!

5 thoughts on “Club Penguin The Fair 2011 Unlimited Tickets Cheat Hack

  1. I’m assuming CP found out…it doesn’t work any longer…that, or I’m just not lucky. I click it repeatedly, so I’m going to try it with Puffle Paddle.

  2. I really hope CP doesn’t take away Spin to Win. It’s not really fair for those, like me, who love the game and don’t hack tickets. I enjoy getting them actually. There are already 2 hacks for Spin to Win. It’s Grab and Spin (pretty much same game) all over again. Ugh, they better not shut the game down…

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