Club Penguin September 2011 Furniture Catalog Hidden Items

Club Penguin has released their ninth furniture catalog of 2011, for the month of September. Here is what’s new, as well as the cheats on the hidden furniture items.

These are the new cheats:

Click the Food Stand for the Stainless Steel Stove, which costs 700 coins.

Click the inside of the Feed Fluffy Trashcan for the Comfy Crab, which costs 275 coins.

Click the hole on the Captain Cut-Out for the Feeding Bucket, which costs 60 coins.

Click the first star on the Water Trough for the Plush Grey Chair, which costs 560 coins.

Click the plant on the Boss Desk for the Computer Desk, which costs 900 coins.

Click the third locker for the Classroom Chair, which costs 150 coins.

These are the old cheats:

Click the 75 under the Box Ramp for the S-Curve Ramp, which costs 230 coins.

Click the word “half” in half pipe for the C-Curve ramp, which costs 200 coins.

Click the orange knob on the Slushy Maker for the HD TV, which costs 1,000 coins.

Click the blue knobs on the Slushy Maker for the Freewheelin’ Foam Pit, which costs 800 coins.

Click the 3 on the Winners Podium for the Sloped Wall, which costs 120 coins.

Click the tall trophy on the right of the first shelf for the Snow Wall, which costs 150 coins.

Click the top center of the Snow Fortress Wall for the Icicles, for 150 coins.

Click the skis on the left for the Vert Ramp, which costs 350 coins.

Click the tree trunk for the Snappy Shark, which costs 250 coins.

Click the center of the Green Plastic Chair for the Green Bench, which costs 500 coins.

Here is a video of all the cheats:

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