Club Penguin Fair 2011 Cheats Theories

I already know A LOT about The Fair, the party which will be released later this week on Club Penguin. I already know pins, stamps, safe chat messages, postcards, etc. Before I go into the rooms I will start with the items. Pins include the Milkshake Pin and Purple Balloon Pin. There will also be a Snow Cone Pin. Here’s all the new items that will be released. Some stuff could be switched out last minute, or switched from members to nonmembers, or vice versa. Some could also be items from Rockhopper.

For nonmembers:

Head Item: The Trapeze Artist
Head Item: The Jingle Jangle
Head Item: The Sundae Surprise
Head Item: The Balloonist
Background Item: Ball Pit

For members:

Head Item: Mime Beret
Head Item: Inky Squid Lid
Head Item: Mime Face Paint
Face Item: Mustachio
Neck Item: Squid Hug
Body Item: The Red Racer
Body Item: Mime Costume
Body Item: Strongman Suit
Hand Item: Unicycle
Hand Item: Turtle
Hand Item: Cherry Balloon
Hand Item: Lemon Balloon
Hand Item: Dumbbells

We also know all the Tour Guide Messages for this party, thanks to Saraapril when Club Penguin accidentally released them:

Beacon: This is the Beacon. It’s brighter than usual for The Fair! Test your skills on Jet Pack Adventure!
Ski Village: This is the Ski Village. Strike a pose! Or take your photo with Rockhopper.
Dock: Here we are at the Dock. Show your strength at Ring the Bell or test your memory at Puffle Shuffle!
Town: Welcome to the Town Center. Make your own magic show! Or cheer for your favorite performers! Watch me make this cream soda disappear!
Coffee Shop: Step right up to the Coffee Shop. It’s looking fabulous for The Fair. Let’s cool down with a snow cone!
Night Club: Welcome to the Night Club. If you like to disco this is the place to be. We can play Dance Contest or head upstairs to the Lounge.
Snow Forts: These are the Snow Forts Wait, make that candy castles! You can enter the Bonus Games Room here…
Stadium: Here we are at the Stadium. Or should I say bumper cars arena?! Put on your bumper car costume and try out the track.
Plaza: Welcome to the Plaza! Adopt a puffle at the Pet Shop and take it to the Puffle Circus! Let’s grab some pizza at the booth.
Pizza Parlor: Welcome to the Pizza Parlor! Let’s enter the pizza eating contest! Hope you’re hungry.
Forest: Here we are at the Forest. Let’s check out the prizes at the booth then head to the Great Puffle Circus!
Cove: There’s LOTS going on at the Cove. Watch out for flying popcorn! Earn tickets at Feed-A-Puffle. Trade them for prizes (Psst, if your aim is good you can earn a special Stamp!)
Iceberg: This is the Iceberg… woah! Looks like the ‘berg turned into a ball pit! Zoom down the slide or jump right on in. Don’t lose your puffle!

Jokes, again thanks to Saraapril:

Why couldn’t the pirate play cards? Because he was standing on the deck!
Why are cars lazy? Because their wheels are always tired!
What’s black and white and jumps a lot? A penguin with hiccups!
What’s a cat’s favorite summer treat? A mice cream cone!
Want to hear a good joke about pizza? Nevermind, it’s too cheesy!
Why did the clown go to the doctor? He was feeling funny!
Why don’t penguins tell jokes about popcorn? Because they’re so corny!
What did the banana say…when the puffle stepped on it? Nothing! Bananas don’t talk!
Why did the cow cross the road? Because it wanted to go to the moo-vies!

Now for the rooms based on the two videos Club Penguin uploaded to their YouTube channel a few days ago. The video starts off with the map, and you’ll see the party advertised in the top right corner like they’ve been doing lately.

You’ll catch a glimpse of the Plaza.

You’ll also see the Dock in two parts of the video.

Right outside the Great Puffle Circus you’ll catch a quick glimpse of the member prize booth. The items there are listed above.

You’ll also see the inside of the Great Puffle Circus, including the Brown Puffle.

This is probably the Ski Village.

Throughout the video Happy77 will show you the games at The Fair. The Brown Puffle has been added to all of them it looks like!

The Pizza Parlor contains a pizza eating contest. Looks fun….and messy! :p

In the secret video you’ll see a short clip of some Club Penguin staff members at the Stadium which is a bumper cars track.

That’s it about it! Rockhopper will also be visiting the island. The Fair will start on September 22nd and end October 4th. This is Club Penguin’s 5th fair party, with the first one starting in 2007. Wow I feel old!

10 thoughts on “Club Penguin Fair 2011 Cheats Theories

  1. I think the mime costume parts will be Rockhoppers rare items plus a furniture item maybe. The the free item will be the Ball Pit Background? Just my theory and I hope grab&spin comes back! ;-)

    • An old fair game. You grab the wheel, move your cursor to spin it, and whatever number it lands on is how many tickets you get.

  2. I hope the glitch doesn’t come back so they don’t shut it down…it’s an amazing game that gets you an amount of tickets, (that’s a little bit bigger than a few games) and it’s fun!

  3. I remember also first fall fair. It was actually my first party in Club Penguin.. It was good, but they should really do a new party for September, its boring to repeat old.

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