Party In The HQ – A Club Penguin Memoir By Trainman1405

This will be my third and final Club Penguin Memoir as I don’t have any other big memories to post. Don’t worry, I’ll be doing more On This Day In Club Penguin History posts soon!

It was early 2007, in the spring. I was at my friend Dale Jr Is 1’s house, as we hung out at his house. It was early morning and we were on Club Penguin – him on the desktop and me on the laptop. We were both in Mammoth (or was it Frozen?) hanging out at the Dock when we decided to try and get a party going. We nonstop spammed “PARTY AT THE HQ!!” throughout the Dock even though the PSA HQ was rather empty. To our surprise, many penguins actually went to the HQ and hung out. Here is an ACTUAL VIDEO of the party, although I don’t see me in it. =P

We actually ended up filling the room pretty good as you can see. Pretty cool, eh?

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