Club Penguin Field Ops #48 Cheats – August 25 (Operation Hibernation)

Club Penguin has released their 48th field op, for the 25th of August. To start with, go to the Elite Penguin Force Command Room for your briefing.

At the tallest mountain go through the path marked EPF only.

You will end up in this room. Get the free Infrared Tracker helmet and put it on.

Then go over to the antennae tower. Your spy phone will turn green.

Your spy phone will turn green. Click it, and complete the Field Ops by powering the chipset.

When you finish it, you’ll get a message from Gary.

It reads:

Excellent work Agent – you successfully powered up the comm tower.
You must now infiltrate Herbert’s lair, and deactivate his security system. Stay alert, I’ll contact you soon.

Now follow the paw prints in the snow. It will take you to the laser maze. Before anything a message will pop up from Gary.

Walk through the maze. Do not get hit by any lasers! Go down.

The next floor contains more lasers. Be sure to get the Expedition Key! You will need it later.

There is one third and final level of lasers. Go to the door.

Once you go to the door Herbert’s lair will open. A message from G will pop up.

This is Herbert’s Lair. It will flash red. Throw snowballs at the three power outlets.

Another message from Gary will pop up.

Build the Mini-AC 3000 around Herbert. After that it will say you’ve earned 3 medals, even though you don’t get them…

Operation Hibernation is now complete. Good work agent!

If you are still confused, here is a video:

Check back next week for Club Penguin Field Ops 49 Cheats!

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  1. i did all of this before without this, but then i still can’t get through into his layer. i have the key and i did the field ops, but i can’t get through the big door thing. please help.

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