Joining The Game – A Club Penguin Memoir By Trainman1405

Every few days I’ll be posting a Club Penguin Memoir, in which I recall an event that happened to me on Club Penguin. The first one in this post series is me joining the game.

It was July 2006. I had gone over to my friend Kyle’s house, as we often hung out. I wasn’t that familiar with computers back then as I was 10. I was most used to video games on the Gameboy Advance SP, Nintendo DS, and Gamecube. He was on the computer playing a game called Club Penguin. He had said he found out about it through Miniclip and joined. He had made two penguins, Loopsa (nonmember) and Dale Jr Is 1. (member) Since he was playing on the desktop computer with his member penguin he let me play from his dad’s laptop on his nonmember. I was completely new to the game. While I don’t remember much I remember him hiding at the Iceberg and I was looking all over the map but didn’t know where it was. We were in the server Alpine. I also recall adding a penguin named Toy Boy Moo on his penguin Loopsa.

When I got home I asked my mom if I could make my own penguin, although I had forgotten the website name. Back then we had AOL Dial Up internet so it was a long process My mom was a little wary of the game at first. She had recently gone to a internet safety talk thing so she emailed the speaker at that event asking if he knew anything about it. He replied back a little while later saying it was harmless and she should let me join.

So I did. By then it was August 4th 2006. I told my mom where to go and what to click, and she asked me what I wanted my username and password to be. I picked Trainman because I like trains, the the 1405 was random – I thought it sounded cool. I chose my password (which I actually still remember) and logged in. My mom let me play for a little bit. Because I was new to the game I missed the Soccer Ball & Hockey Stick Pins, as well as the 2006 Sports Party Items. I also remember going to Alpine asking around “Does anybody know Dale Jr Is 1?” because I wanted to add my friend. Back then you could say numbers in the chat bar. I also recall adding Toy Boy Moo on Trainman1405 as I saw him in the server. :P

I don’t recall everything, but you get the point of what it was like for me when joining Club Penguin. Check back soon for my next memoir when I became a member in October 2006!

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  1. That was a pretty good story!
    I remember that back in 2006 when I was staying at my cousin’s house.He told me of a site called Miniclip and while he was playing wrestling and gun games on his PS2(which I never was interested back then)I found this game called “Club Penguin”.I knew it was going to be a place to chat with lots of people but I thought it would be just an small room with chairs and music and penguins of course!But it turned out to be something completely different it was a big world with lots of people waddling and saying hello.But then the next day I had to go back home and as soon as I arrived I told my mom to make an account for me and it was “Classic Hero” and I remember that the first time I picked up a pin it was the astro barrier one.But somehow in my little child mind I started to think that hacking was cool and unfortunately my penguin got banned and then in 2007 I decided not to cheat anymore and made a new penguin called “Sk8 Hero”(Sk8 actaully means a computer software that was used by Apple)and then my Club Penguin craze begins…!

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