Free Club Penguin Coin Code!

Are you a nonmember who wants a free body item for their penguin, or a member who just wants a free item? ┬áIt’s been discovered that if you use the code “D23EXP11” on Club Penguin you will unlock a free green hoodie jacket.

While the code is spreading like wildfire now, it’s actually been out for a few weeks! This code is from the Disney 23 Expo.

6 thoughts on “Free Club Penguin Coin Code!

  1. Well, this isn’t good for the people who unlocked it in the treasure book. I’m just glad that I got it for free instead of having to buy a plush toy. Thanks Trainman1405 and Club Penguin!

  2. That is awesome Thanks trainman1405 for telling us i did not even know the code so thanks for telling us BTW the Site rocks!!!!

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