Club Penguin Pay Day August 2011

If you are either a Elite Penguin Force agent or Tour Guide, you may have already received your paycheck(s) in the Penguin Mail, as it’s the beginning of the month! You can earn up to 600 free coins.

If you haven’t been paid yet, don’t worry! You will be soon. :)

9 thoughts on “Club Penguin Pay Day August 2011

  1. Hi, its me again. I just want you to know my ideas. First, pause the video at 0:31, in the left side you will read these: Rockhopper_Island Puffle_Abilities The_Director_Identity Under_The_Iceberg . I have many more clues for the upcoming events in the Club Penguin. Just stay sharp and review again the video. I hope this helps.

  2. Hi, I Was WONDERING….. when the new catalog is gonna be out well you no how the partys/catalogs come out early before the day there apost to come out well im getting worried its 6:12 here and im getting worried it wont come out should i wait tommarow? or should i contack cp about it i play cp at 1:00 in the afternoon to 11:00 at nite and guess what 1 catlog came out but not the next huh? i really want the party to end I Hate the adventure party can it leave please reply back so my little sis can stop crying (it sounds like im a girl im not)

    • Omg dont worry your little sis will get the catlog when dose your sister go to bed mine gose to bed at 9:00 at nite so dont worry it will be out tommarow its not missing trust me hope this helped ps. i can tell that u want the catalog 2 So do i :)

    • How Old are you dude.. Your Not Apost to be on the computer at 12:00 at night that is odd so dude wait for it and what time dose your lil sis gose to bed my lil bro gose to bed at 10:00 so wait for the catalog to come out and make sure u dont contack cp they can tell you weird ideas my lil bro asking cp he could be a mod they sorry sorry no and blah blah blah yes in USA 1 Catalog Came In 1 Did’nt

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