Club Penguin New Unfixed Bugs List

As I posted last month, I have compiled a brand new/updated list of all the bugs on Club Penguin. You can view the brand new list on my Club Penguin Bugs website.

I must warn you, it’s quite extensive! I even included percentages of the increase in amount of bugs…sadly there wasn’t a decrease in bugs! :(

4 thoughts on “Club Penguin New Unfixed Bugs List

  1. I don’t know if this a glitch that just happened to me or if it happens to everyone, but if you put the surveillance camera in your igloo and drag it across the wall, it does this spazzing thing.


  2. I have a bug or is it just a glitch?Well anyway, I keep getting a “This server is busy” thing and I keep losing connection. Does anyone else have this problem?

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