Club Penguin Great Snow Race 2011 Upcoming Pins Exclusive

By the looks of it Club Penguin accidentally referenced some future pins in their files! I was going through them and came across five different ones. It looks like some will be at the Great Snow Race. The ones that appear to be unrelated I don’t know – they’re either future pins or for the Fall Fair? Who knows. Anywho….

The Polar Paw Print Pin.

The AC 30000 Pin.

The Purple Balloon Pin.

Balloon Bunch Pin.

The Milkshake Pin.

Very cool! Sadly they do not yet have artwork for the pins on their website, only the names.

20 thoughts on “Club Penguin Great Snow Race 2011 Upcoming Pins Exclusive

  1. Cool!!
    Herberts paw pin
    Robot pin
    Fair festival Party pin
    Fair festival second pin
    btw Trainman how do you get all this info??

  2. Can i post this on katy29654 blog . i want permission with u .becoz u discovered it . u r great in swf files and u post awesome sneak peeks . so can i post it on katy29654 blog .

  3. Hey, if you haven’t noticed, the Milkshake isn’t a pin. In fact it’s an item because, it doesn’t have pin after it.. So just an idea its going to be in the Prize Booth this year!

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