Club Penguin Beta Team: Test Server & Puffle Pop Added!

The Club Penguin Beta Team has been updated! First off they removed four items. Skyscraper, Snow Cone, Pizza Over, and Laser Command have all been removed. There is two new items. Test Server, which Billybob has been talking about on the Club Penguin Blog, and Puffle Pop, a brand new game.

The main thing is the Test Server. There is 11 test servers in which penguins can test a possible upcoming feature for Club Penguin. It’s so the filters are a bit better.

As you type it will suggest words to add to your sentence. When I typed “do you want to go” it gave multiple suggestions.

Here’s a little bit of irony if you type “Disney is not”.

There is a total of over 300,000 phrases. Wow!

This next item is Puffle Pop.

While the game is a bit buggy, it’s rather fun. In fact I’ve played a similar game in the past! Below the machine you will see a Puffle that is a certain color. In my case it’s a Purple Puffle. At the top of the game’s screen there will be different colored Puffles in bubbles. You need to match a minimum of three Puffles that are the same color to make them go away. Your goal is to clear the screen of all Puffles to go to the next level. As time goes on they will move closer to you, making it harder.

The following pages have been updated:

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