Club Penguin’s Beta Team – Forgotten Or More On The Way?

Club Penguin’s Beta Team – you know, that thing that was first launched to the public on May 3, 2011 last year after first being shown in a video on Happy77’s YouTube Channel. From there and into the months it was constantly being updated – things being added, things being removed, and even things being updated. But then overtime updates went from one every other day to only a few times in a month, then once a month, and now exactly four months. The most “recent” one was on October 29, 2011 when Goalie, Icebergs, and Puffle Bowling are added. Yum Yum Yuck Yuck and New Player Card Penguin Idea are removed.

So what happened to all these projects? Are they a work in progress? Ditched? What’s in the future of the beta team – will more things be added in the future, or is it dead and gone? I mean, I know there’s new games coming this March to Club Penguin, so it could easily be stuff we tested in the Beta Team such as Puffle Bowling. What do you think? Is the Beta Team dead and gone or just on a hiatus?

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    • I voted old. Pfft, way better. Anyhow, I don’t know if you posted anything on your site about the ‘new games in March’ (And you probably did and I read them, but forgot), but what are they?

      • I don’t actually know, I haven’t found anything referencing to new games in Club Penguin’s files. As soon as there is something (if they do prematurely have things in their files for it) I will be sure to post it.

  1. I so know what your talking about train. 3 months ago, or more, I sent CP a message asking why nothing new was up on Beta team and they replied saying “If you want to join beta team here a link.” I mean, that wasn’t even the right answer. It seems like it has been 20 million years since they put something up on beta team. I just wanted to say everything.

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