Happy77 Comments On CP Memories: More Beta Team Stuff On The Way!

A week ago today I made a small post about Club Penguin’s Beta Team and how it has not been updated in several months. (click here for the post) It was just a reminder to everyone about it and I enjoy posting things like this. I wasn’t expecting what happened, though…

…Happy77 commented on the post! Don’t be skeptical about it. I was first reading the comment, as anyone can fake a comment. However, after a very quick investigation I confirmed that it is indeed her. A quick IP address lookup shows that it belongs to Disney’s offices in Kelowna, Canada. I also check server logs and she’s visited the site over 150 times to date in the last 6 or so months. ;) Happy77 has commented on other Club Penguin Blogs in the past, but it is rare. Anyway, I’ll stop keeping you waiting – here’s what she said about the beta team:

We’ll add more to Beta Team at some point soon. ;)

Oooo! I wonder what the Club Penguin Team has planned? What do you think? More game prototypes? Items? EPF stuff? Redesigned things? How soon do you think we’ll have more stuff to test? I think maybe in April or May around the 1 year anniversary there will be more stuff, if not sooner. Remember, I have a change log page of the Beta Team here.

14 thoughts on “Happy77 Comments On CP Memories: More Beta Team Stuff On The Way!

  1. I dont know…
    Maybe a new items.. club penguin support told me that they wait for more comments about their games in beta team..
    Do you think we will get a prize for help ?

  2. Dude, Happy77 commented on my blog too but peoples say it is fake, can you investigate it? click on my name to go to my blog or @ me for the link, plz dude help me, ppls think i did it for promotion and unfollowed me so i need to see who was it, plz help, i’m AZEEMSKY on twitter and you follow me

  3. train there are actually a few new unreleased items! Shockingly the are unlockables, but you have to pay for them. I believe that they have something to do with the new treasure book in May or June… Im a unsure, what do you think, they are Black Soccer Jersey-Blue and Red Soccer Jersey-Green Hightops-the auburn-the tunage-white electro shirt-purple sandals-purple beaded necklace-green zebra scarf! I know you posted some of these already but just to refresh you. Some of these item SWF’s ae found here http://www.clubpenguinwiki.info/wiki/Category:Unreleased_items If these are released soon with treasure book I will be getting the white electro shirt and the tunage, also the green hightops look AMAZING!

  4. And I’ve got something even better about CP! You were right about the “cheese” pin and there’s access to Rockhopper’s Ship and from there you can access all the other islands! Great, right? With another one of those exclusive links!


    Ok, please can you give a CLICKABLE link to my blog in the credit to http://echo006inclubpenguin.blogspot.com and tell everyone that they MUST give credit to you and me because last time you posted about these links there was no credit given at all so it made it look like they had found it. So please tell em, thanks! It’s a great link!

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