Becoming A Member – A Club Penguin Memoir By Trainman1405

On Monday I posted my first Club Penguin Memoir – joining the game. I then decided my next memoir was going to be when I became a member, so without further ado…

I joined Club Penguin in 2006 – I was in fifth grade back then. In all the classrooms they have four desktop eMacs. One day I was browsing Club Penguin’s website when I stumbled upon the membership page. I did a little bit of reading as my friend Dale Jr Is 1 was a member at the time and I wanted the extra stuff. After doing some research I decided I’d ask my mom if I could become a member once I got home. After some convincing she said yes as long as I would pay her the $5.95 each month.

When I logged on I went to the Gift Shop. It turns out a new clothing catalog had come out that day featuring lots of cool items such as the Red Cape, Black Mask, Black Cape, etc. I spent a while playing Cart Surfer that day, as I needed coins…

Fun fact: I’ve was a member from October 2006 – May 2011 then October 2010 – Now. A long time, eh?

That’s it this time! It’s a bit short, I know. Check back soon for my next Club Penguin Memoir: Party at the HQ!

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