Rockhopper Has Arrived On Club Penguin For The Adventure Party!

By / July 21, 2011

Every penguin’s favorite Club Penguin Mascot, Rockhopper, has docked at the Beach! This is his 26th visit to the island overall and his second one this year. He first visited the island in October 2006. His first visit in 2011 was in April 2011 for the Earth Day Party. Anywho, to access Rockhopper’s ship go to the Beach.

Once at the Beach waddle over to the ship’s entrance. Once on his ship you can access the Crow’s Nest by waddling towards the ladder or the Captain’s Quarter’s, which contains Rockhopper’s Catalog, from the door entrance.

Rockhopper does not have a new background. Like always you can earn his stamp by being in the same room as him. If you want to meet him, try out our Rockhopper Tracker! He does not have a new background.

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