Club Penguin Updates Their Igloo Music For July 2011!

If you check out your igloo on Club Penguin you will see that the track list has been changed yet again! It was last updated about a month ago along with the new DJ3K recording feature. Anywho, here is the new track list:

The new tracks are:

  • Jungle Jangles
  • Viking Opera
  • Planet Y
  • Island Adventure

Out of all the new tracks which one do you like the most?

20 thoughts on “Club Penguin Updates Their Igloo Music For July 2011!

  1. Hey Trainman! I really dont want the Viking Opera to come back cause the igloo music is usually the next play. . . But Planet Y would be AWESOME!


    P.S. What’s with all these moderators on Club Penguin now? Are we being invaded?

    • I’m pretty sure it’s Planet Y returning to the Stage next week.

      We’re not getting invaded, we’re just seeing their usernames now. They’ve always existed. :P

  2. I know they always existed it’s just the huge spike of them- And two other stage questions-1. Will we ever see Planet Z again? 2. Is the Team Red vs. Blue Pep Rally stage retired?

  3. And one last thing, can you meet me on marshmallow at 8:00 PM EST today? I’ll leave my Igloo open my name is Auroracow! Thanks!

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