Club Penguin Times Issue #299

Club Penguin has released a new newspaper, for the 15th of July. This brings us to the 299th issue. This means that next week the 300th issue of the Club Penguin Times will be released. Wow, what a milestone!

Anyway, the main headline is the newspaper is about using the flares at the Beach, stating that with them we can get Rockhopper to come to the island in time for the party!

The second main headline in the newspaper is about the new igloos. It contains some testimonials on the new igloos.

There are the upcoming events – which ones are you looking most forward to?

The upcoming events are:

  • July 22 – Island Adventure Party 2011
  • July 22 – New postcards
  • July 22 – Rockhopper Arrives
  • July 29 – New Pin
  • August 12 – New Pin

The following pages have been updated:

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  1. TRAINMAN!!! I comfirmed that the next play IS going to be SpaceAdventurePlanetY because the stage was that play instead of Secrets Of The Bamboo Forest for 2 hours!It was an accidental release im guessing, it has to be it!

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