Disney Club Penguin Laying Off Workers

Uh-oh! It looks like hard times have finally hit Disney Interactive Studios, aka Club Penguin. According to a recent news article an unknown number of employees have been laid off.

As said in an email statement by the company spokesperson Mariam Sughayer, they continually evaluate and refine their business in order to stay successful within this digital age, specifically digital media. Due to this they had to make some layoffs. Yikes!

According to the news article some people are stuck due to being laid off after they relocated to Kelowna, BC Canada a year ago.

“We came from Calgary a year ago and now we have no job. ¬†Our daughter relocated here in grade 11, and now what to do for her graduating year?”

I wonder how many employees were laid off? This is not the first time this has happened – Disney laid off some workers while making a sequel to their hit game “Split/Second”.

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