Club Penguin Trainman1405’s Birthday Party – This June 19!

Thanks for the great party everybody! :’)

I hope to see you there!

49 thoughts on “Club Penguin Trainman1405’s Birthday Party – This June 19!

  1. Hey Trainman…

    I’ve been having problems with my treasure book code, you see I enter the code then it just says “loading”. Well it does’nt load and it’s getting really annoying! Has this ever happend to you? I so reply back, Thanks!


    • That’s really weird! Try clearing your cache…it’s never happened to me. If you still have the problem I suggest emailing Club Penguin and they will help you.

  2. Hey I cleared my cache and it does’nt work. So I emailed them. If they won’t reply by 5 o’clock, Im going to call the team.


  3. They said it’s glitchy right now and to wait a week. Also i sugested CP T-shirts for getting all the stamps on games and such. Also trophies.
    P.S. I’ll be at your party and it’s going to be on the nightclub rooftop or backstage im guessing!


  4. Hey trainman do you have a phone number? I want to se you my pictures of my penguins I just drew!


    #*#Acow #*#

  5. Hey Trainman!
    Happy Birthday
    I live in Australia and I don’t know what time it is when the party is on.

  6. hey Trainman1405 im not sure about what time ur party would be in wisconsin. I was also wondering if you have noticed a strange glitch were club penguin freezes and i have to log out. If u noticed this glitch plz let me no.

  7. U picked the wrong day for a party. Many of the Oceania and Asia countries won’t be able to make it cause of bad time, but mostly cause of school. ):

  8. Sorry but I cannot attend the birthday party because I need to watch the mmva’s (much music video awards). Sorry…. Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!

  9. -Hi Trainman! I love your blog its awesome Keep the dazzling work up! I will be at your party for sure. Visit my blog by clicking my name make sure you leave a comment. Btw have a fabulous Bday.

    ~Waddle On~

  10. Im Robot45426 my happy birthday Traninman!I come on club penguin all the time today i will be a the server Mammoth.then when i found out the server you bithday will be on,ill come and the room happy bday!This is a message to all penguins like alot of you penguins out there!Well have a good time if you meet me!Sincerley,Robot45426!

  11. Hey Trainman! I’m totally coming! I’m a huge fan! And also, when you predicted that there will be new pink glasses, and I thought it looked like the Pink Superhero Mask, It looks like you were right! Sorry I doubted you!
    P.S. Will you be adding at the party?

    • Don’t worry, it’s fine you doubted me. XD

      I’ll be trying my best to add, yes. I only have like 10 spots though. :L

  12. my penguins name is Pluto10500 if you type that in at google images you’ll find a old picture of my penguin and i am your #1 fan in the world you rock dude

  13. Hey Trainman

    I was at your birthday party…..where was you?? I got into trouble for staying up!! Happy Birthday anyway

  14. Hey I use to play this game a lot.

    I’d like to get back in it just for the memories…

    Is the site out?

    I can’t play?

    Am I banned for life?

  15. Hi trainman i think you know whitemist which is now blackmist what happened to him he says you did something like steal ppl from his igloo. tell me i can help u and him out im his pal!

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