Club Penguin Music Jam 2011 Sneak Peek Cheats

On Happy77’s newly uploaded video you can see several quick sneak peeks of the Music Jam 2011 Party coming in a few days! The first off is a small part of the Town. It looks like the Coffee Shop will be all glamoured up again with the blue theme.

For the Dance Club you can’t really see much aside a balloon on the left and just barely on the right.

Finally, the Penguin Band is at the Iceberg! You can see them in their new outfit playing their gig. Here they are in action:

Very cool! I can’t wait until the party!

8 thoughts on “Club Penguin Music Jam 2011 Sneak Peek Cheats

  1. Well now we know all the T-shirts that will be in the stand….
    Happy’s wearing one and the login screen one. Plus all the ones fro last year were in the video. Ta-da! *`*

    *`*Poof*`* Acow*`* *`* *`* *`*
    *`* *`*
    *`* *`* *`* *`*

  2. OoOOO!! Don’t forget Billybob has a blue electric bass! That’s gonna be in the backstage catalog I bet! *`*


  3. i couldve sworn i saw the pink glasses on a few penguins at the stadium but they mightve red or white glasses….not sure

  4. Guys, are the white sunglasses, coming out in July 2011? I hope the white glasses are gonna be out. Please tell meh! I, want to know. I’m wondering what’s gonna be in the July 10th 2011, catalog! Can you tell meh, if you know??? Plzzz I really want those white glasses, everybody has them… and i’m almost like the only one, it feels, like. Huh. Please tell meh!!!

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