Club Penguin Is Gone – Domain Expired?

Uh oh! Looks like Disney forgot to renew the domain for Club Penguin! When you go to it looks nothing like it should. A website (.com, .net, etc) costs a certain amount of money each year, and it looks like the year is up, and it must be renewed quickly! Take a look at Club Penguin’s current website status:

UPDATE: Club Penguin is aware of the situation. When reaching out to them for comment on this, they said:

This issue is affecting a number of Penguins and we’re working hard to get it fixed as soon as possible. ¬†With the help of our technical team the Island should be back afloat in no time.

13 thoughts on “Club Penguin Is Gone – Domain Expired?

  1. 1st comment!!! Yay! But, I was on and I didn’t see the domain thing at first, I was like, ” NOOOOOOO!” next thing i saw was the domain… “Ohh.” I hope they pay it today! :p

  2. Omg!!! I’M SO SAD!! :( :( :( …I can’t believe this! I hope that when they put it back they will give all the people who had memberships back their membership!!! I’m scared!!

  3. how long will it be till they pay the domain???
    Like Maximum, I am afraid I will lose the membership even though my dad said I won’t. :'( I’M SO SCARED AND SAD!!!

  4. i still see a clown or a jester guy lolz
    thx for letting me know about memberships. ;)
    -Caiti A.K.A Empoleon7525

  5. well how long is it gonna take cuz ppl on chatbox claim they can get on. does it become available to only certain states at certain times. i live in WI so i dunno cuz Minnisota has had access to cp from what ive heard from people in minnasota via chatbox

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