Club Penguin Beta Team Snow Cone Tutorial

Snow Cone is back in Club Penguin’s Beta Team! However, it actually works this time!

Here is the game’s main screen:

While it may look confusing, the game is actually quite simple and fun. You need to create the correct snow cone flavor based on what flavor it gives. You then need to use the three bottles above (red, orange, and blue) and click them to color the snow cone and give it its flavor. For example, if the flavor was orange you would click the red a few times and the yellow a few times, thus turning the shaved ice on the snow cone orange.

If the flavor was lemonade you would click the yellow tube a few times.

When you finish a flavor, simply click go. That’s about it to the game! How do you like it – thumbs up or thumbs down. I personally really like it and hope Club Penguin adds it to their game sometime soon!

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