Club Penguin Beta Team Updated: Rollerscape Gone, Pizza Oven & Photo Puzzle Added [Tutorial]

Club Penguin has updated their beta team again! Rollerscape has been removed. However, there is two new games! They are Photo Puzzle and Pizza Oven.

Both of these games are rather plain – after all, they are in testing mode. Photo Puzzle has two options. They are picture (puzzle) and memory. For picture, choose an image.

After you hit start it will then turn the image into a puzzle and you need to put it back together using the controls.

Pizza Oven is very plain – after all, it is in beta. Click the start button.

In this game you must serve pizza to the penguins. When they raise their hand a pizza symbol will appear. Move your penguin, the waiter, over to the oven and click on it. Then go back to the penguin wanting pizza. Click the penguin and the pizza will be served to them.

This is a great beta team update! How do you like it?

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