Club Penguin Medieval Party 2011 Cheats Video!

Happy77 has published a brand new video on her Youtube Channel! It is of the 2011 medieval party – it shows clips of her waddling around some of the rooms. I must say, it looks pretty cool! Take a look for yourself:

What are your thoughts on this? I think it’ll be the best Medieval Party yet! It looks like there will be three knight’s quests this year. Some of the free items include what looks like a golden head item and a White Knight Helmet. One thing this video does not know is the Noble Knight Stamp. I can’t wait!

3 thoughts on “Club Penguin Medieval Party 2011 Cheats Video!

  1. That’s strange, well it didn’t look like that in 2010 I’m sure. But I wasn’t around in 2009 so I assumed the catalog I found was new.

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