Club Penguin Field Ops #45 Cheats – May 16

Club Penguin has released their 45th field op, for the 16th of May. To start with, go to the Elite Penguin Force Command Room for your briefing.

Head over to the pool in the lower right by the chat bar.

Your spy phone will turn green. Click it, and complete the Field Ops by matching the circuits.

When you finish it, you’ll get a message from Herbert.

It reads:

(You found a tracking device hidden in the gold. There’s a message attached to it.)

Klutzy! Hide this tracking device in the room we talked about. This is step one in our plan.

Make sure to hide it somewhere those Ear Picking Fools won’t find it!

If you are still confused, here is a video:

Check back next week for Club Penguin Field Ops 46 Cheats!

2 thoughts on “Club Penguin Field Ops #45 Cheats – May 16

  1. The field op is still accessable even that the Medieval party is on, just harder to find. It is still at the same place it was before, still near the top right corner of your chat bar.

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