An Update On Club Penguin Memories

Hi there! There are a few things I wanted to brush on real quick, as I haven’t posted a website update thing in a while.

  • First of all, school is almost over for me! I do have finals coming up. It shouldn’t affect my posting activity, so don’t worry. I have about 10 more school days left. Wow, my first year of high school went by fast!
  • Adding onto the “No, I don’t need help” as I said above – many of you are wondering if I am hiring. It’s great that you penguins want to work here, however at this time I am not hiring – I have no need to. I can manage this website just fine by myself right now. :)
  • I haven’t stopped the “On This Day In Club Penguin History” posts. Since I’ve been a little bit busy this past week I haven’t had time for extra posts. I’ll try and post them more soon!
  • When tweeting posts or pages on this website or my Club Penguin Bugs website they now shorten under my domain “” instead of WordPress’s I was going to get but it was taken. Ah well.
  • Soon I’ll be adding a new look for Club Penguin Memories…if you used to visit my old Piczo website it’ll look familiar. ;)
  • Soon I’ll finally be doing the Money Cheats/How to Play Games pages
  • Aaaand finally, sometime within the next month I’ll start working on some behind the stuff. Mainly website tweaks.

That’s about it! Thanks for visiting the website – ever since the mascots visited Club Penguin starting with Rookie I went from 300 hits  a day to usually 1,000. In fact, this website recently hit 100,000 hits! (The hit counter in the sidebar counts my old Piczo & Club Penguin Bugs website, by the way. That’s why it says 300,0000)


One thought on “An Update On Club Penguin Memories

  1. Hey dude, in the starting you wrote: “There is a few things” but it’s suppose to be “There are a few things”

    P.S: This is the real Danny Boy 85.

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