New Navigation Bar Issues

UPDATE: I believe I fixed it. If there’s any issues, let me know! There is one small gap in Internet Explorer still which I’ll work on:

Hi there everybody! Chances are you noticed the new navigation bar, and hopefully it’s displaying for you without issue! This is the way it should display:

As far as I’m aware, it works fine in every major browser – Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox (Version 3 I haven’t tested it in 4), Safari, and Mobile Safari. (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

However, in Internet Explorer there’s a pretty big issue. It displays vertically rather than horizontally. Take a look for yourself:

If it displays vertically (the picture above) I need you to comment with a few answers:

  • What Internet Browser?
  • What version of that Internet Browser (Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 4, etc)
  • What is your operating System? (Windows XP, Windows 7, etc)

Thanks! Hopefully I figure out how to fix this issue soon.

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