Exclusive: Club Penguin Treasure Hunt Stamps Coming Soon!

If you’ve been coming to my website for a while, you may recall my post from late February saying that Ice Fishing & Pizzatron stamps were going to be released, as well as the new games were going to have stamps along with knowing what the names were before they were announced. (Puffle Launch & Bits & Bolts – which still hasn’t gotten the stamps although they are in Club Penguin’s files)

Anyway, I have another stamps exclusive – Treasure Hunt Stamps will be released at some point in the future! I don’t ¬†know when – it could be when Rockhopper arrives in a few days time, or it could be the next time he arrives, most likely in June or July. Anyway, take a look:

Very cool! What do you think some of the things you need to do to earn stamps will be?

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