Club Penguin New Ice Fishing Game Stamps

Club Penguin has released some new stamps! One of the games the new stamps are for includes Ice Fishing. Take a look!

There is a total of 10 you can earn for this game. They are:

Ace Angler* – Hook 15 gray fish and Mullet with no worm lost
Afishionado – Catch 45 fish without any mistakes
Crab Cuts – Have 3 crabs cut your line and finish the game
Fishtastic – Catch 15 fish without any mistakes
Fly Fisher – Catch 63 fish in under 5 minutes
Gray Goodies* – Catch 15 gray fish
Prize Mullet – Capture Mullet
Shock King – Get 3 shocks from jellyfish and finish the game
Snack Attack – Feed a fish to a shark
Worm Win – Finish the game without losing a worm

Cool! Have you earned all of them yet? The stamp total is now  276.

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