Club Penguin March April Fool’s Day Party 2011 Scavenger Hunt Cheats

There’s a new scavenger hunt on Club Penguin! It is members only. To access it, go to the Snow Forts and head over to the Box Dimension.

The first item is located at the Box Dimension.

The second item is at the Desert.

The third item is at the Doodle Dimension.

The fourth item is at the Spacebox. You need to make it into a Stapler.

The fifth item is at the Jester Room.

The sixth item is at the Stairs Dimension.

The seventh item is at the Soda Swamp.

The eighth item at the Candy Room.

When completed, you will receive a Box Costume.

Here’s a video on the scavenger hunt:

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2 thoughts on “Club Penguin March April Fool’s Day Party 2011 Scavenger Hunt Cheats

  1. For Aprils Fools’s day 2011 scvanger hunt the seventh one at soda swamp the clue says to unlock this one you need a clue………… I dont quite get the clue……….I have tryed most of all the websites but nothing has the right informaiton for me. PLEASE NOTE THIS HAS TO BE DONE BYE 1ST APRIL 2011 THNAKYOU. Please help.
    BTW remember my email!!!.

    • It says “To find this piece you’ll need a clue:

      Find your way through a bright pink brew.”

      It’s saying the clue for the next item is you need to go to a room where there is a bright pink brew – in this case the soda swamp place.

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