Bug: My Penguin Was Reset On Club Penguin?

UPDATE: This only happens in the server Hibernate as far as I am aware.

UPDATE 2: After reaching out to Club Penguin Support I was told “We are aware of this issue and are currently hard at work trying to fix it.”

UPDATE 3: This has been fixed. Phew!

Today I went on Club Penguin, on my main penguin, Trainman1405. When I logged on, the tutorial popped up which was strange – my penguin isn’t new, I joined on August 4th 2006.

I looked at my penguin, and I lost all my items as well as about 40 stamps I unlocked.

I lost all my buddies – I had 100, now I have 0.

My penguin age is all messed up too, it says I’m 15,036 days old.

I’m not the only one either though, it seems.

Hopefully this is only temporary as it says my penguin isn’t a member, either! I’ll be quite mad if I lost all  my items.

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