Club Penguin Pin & Puffle Party Item Bugs

UPDATE: These bugs have all been fixed. You do need to get the pins again, however.

There is two new bugs on Club Penguin. First off, the two free items from the 2011 Puffle Party are missing from your inventory – don’t panic, Club Penguin will add them back soon. Take a look – the Blue Puffle Cap should be here but it isn’t:

The second bug is with the three new pins – the Green Puffle Pin, Black Puffle Pin, and Viking Ship Pin. They are missing from inventories too, and when you go get them it’ll ask if you want to buy undefined for undefined coins.

There is also another new bug where the script at the stage is the one for The Penguins That Time Forgot instead of Haunting of the Viking Opera.

However, when you click “yes” it won’t add the pin to your inventory – it’s spin and spin and spin. You will need to log off. The pins won’t be in your inventory.

On the bright side, Club Penguin fixed the System Defender bug with the Klutzy level displaying Protobot’s dialogue.

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