Finishing Up

Hi everybody! Did you have a good holiday? I sure did. Anyway, 2011 is quickly approaching in a few days time so I wanted to give you all a quick update. The images are now thumbnails on all the pages thanks to Tech163. He and I also made a few other tweaks. The original WordPress website now redirects you to here.

Here’s the game plan: I’m going to New Jersey in a few hours, and will return Thursday afternoon. In this time I’ll be trying my best to get this website fully up to date with everything that has happened in December. When I’m done, I’ll start blogging with the latest Club Penguin Cheats. I’m also going to be advertising. So whenever Club Penguin updates starting January 1st, I will be posting what’s new as well as doing the pages. I’m excited! I’ll make a final website update post when I am done. Be on the lookout!


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