Trainman1405 Answers Your Questions For a Fourth Time

Oops. I accidentally procrastinated this a whole seven months. I never meant for that to happen, and it will never happen again. It actually took way less time to do this than I thought it would, I guess I was just overwhelmed by what I thought was a lot of work and ended up being…

On This Day In Club Penguin History – January 18

There were several updates on the 18th of January in 2008. The Winter Fiesta began, and there was a new pin and a new furniture catalogue for the month too. There was also one small update in 2013.

On This Day In Club Penguin History – January 17

On the 17th of January in 2013 Club Penguin released their Prehistoric Party so there were many updates relating to that. The biggest update was the party itself, but there were also other updates such as Gary waddling around with a new giveaway background and a new logoff screen.