Club Penguin Blog: February Is Music Month on Club Penguin

Today on Club Penguin’s Blog Megg revealed the team’s plans for the month of February on the virtual world. February will be all about music. The following is what Megg said in her announcement post:

I love music, you know why? Music brings people (and penguins) together. And boy do we have one music filled month coming up!

One of the exciting things happening in February is a music themed party! Here’s a concept drawing of a room from the party:


AND you can expect more musical goodies throughout the month — such as the hairstyle that you helped pick a color for :D

We’ll have more information about how you’ll experience all things musical soon.

Sounds like February will be a lot of fun! I look forward to hearing more about next month.

I have no clue what to exactly make of the room, but it seems like some sort of interactive music room. There are those special O’Berries from Puffle Wild above the penguin in the image above.

16 thoughts on “Club Penguin Blog: February Is Music Month on Club Penguin

    • That’s fake, words don’t start with capital letters. Like if you say “Where’s In March???” on Club Penguin, others see it as “where’s in march???”. Same goes for “Yaaaaay!”. Others see it as “yaaaaay!”.

      • I highly hope you’re real Trainman. Although I liked the movie, I’d hate to see a Big Hero 6 Takeover…it has nothing to do with CP and would screw CP’s special (10th) year.

      • Trainman you are wrong. They do appear in caps in the text bar. I still hope that it is not another takeover. Please, God no.

        • I went on two different penguins to recreate the conversation. On one penguin I said “Where’s In March???” and the other penguin on the other computer saw it as “where’s in march???”. Same thing for “yaaaay”.

    • It would be pretty cool but is a hollywood musical as well confirmed by polo that club penguin space put it on their page and as well is musical and as well is related to music like Megg said

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