January 7, 2013 Moose Monday (Now Over)

For those of you waiting for Moose Monday, good news! It is taking place right now on the server Fog. https://twitter.com/clubmoose/status/288452609482842112 Have fun! :)

December 24th Moose Monday

https://twitter.com/clubmoose/status/283337030589612033 While some children are in bed waiting for Santa to arrive and others are hanging at home waiting to go to sleep in a few hours, Businesmoose is holding a very brief Moose Monday on Fog right now. The room is unspecified but I’m sure you’ll find him on the island. Have fun!

Moose Monday On Fog Right Now! (Now Over)

Update: Moose Monday has ended, apparently due to clones. https://twitter.com/clubmoose/statuses/280787633049841664 Businesmoose’s weekly Moose Monday meetup is taking place right now on the server Fog! Have fun partying with him! :-)

Today’s Moose Monday Meetup Is Taking Place Right Now! (Now Over)

https://twitter.com/clubmoose/statuses/278298960236523521 It’s Monday, which means it is Moose Monday on Club Penguin! Businesmoose is holding his meetup in the server Fog right now. Have fun! I’d go…but I’m working on a research paper for my History Class right now…d’oh! Hopefully I have time for one of these meetups in the near future.