Club Penguin Blog: Slick Limerick Yo

Last Thursday Megg wrote a post about limericks on Club Penguin’s blog.

You can read it below if you’re interested in seeing what she had to say about this form of poetry:

Hi penguins,

Have you ever thought that there aren’t enough penguin limericks in the world? Me too!

Today I’ve been hard at work fixing that. Check it out!

There once was a penguin named Karen
A backpack from G she was wearin’
as she took to the sky
She soon realized
That it was a jetpack she was carryin’

Limericks are simple poems that are tricky to make. Here are the rules:

The first, second, and fifth lines rhyme and have the same amount of syllables
The third and fourth lines rhyme and have the same amount of syllables
The best limericks are funny!!!

Tough, right? But the payoff is something fun like this:

There was a penguin named Rene
who brewed coffee at the Cafe
She was asked “What’s the catch,
with your sword and eye patch?”
She said “I’m a pirate today!”

I’d love to hear your favorite limericks in the comments. Or if you’re feeling poetic, YOU COULD EVEN WRITE YOUR OWN!!

-Club Penguin Team

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