Announcement: 12 Days of Contests Is Becoming Smaller

Hello everyone,

Ever since launching this blog in 2011 it has been a yearly tradition for me to hold the 12 Days of Contests (or in 2012’s case, 24 days). For those of you unfamiliar, I’d have a new task each day you need to complete for an entry – answer trivia, complete a word search, etc.

Unfortunately, as time goes on, Club Penguin’s merchandise offerings are close to nil. Gone are coin codes, Card-Jitsu card codes are pointless since they can be bought in-game, and, as I discovered last year, one month membership cards are no longer sold in stores, which stinks.

It’s no secret that Club Penguin is less popular now than it was when I first started running these contests, and as their traffic drops, so does mine.

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 5.49.35 PM

Don’t get me wrong, I still get a lot of views and I’m thankful for that. However, less views = less money made off blogging = less money I can put towards the 12 Days of Contests. Due to my chronic fatigue/lyme’s disease I can’t get a job in the real world as an alternative income source, so the money I make from blogging is what directly feeds these giveaways plus whatever it is I want or need to buy in real life.

As I’ve said countless times, I do not blog for money, however it is definitely a nice bonus. I’m open with that and I have no problem admitting it. After all, money is a necessity in life. I like buying books and music and flights to visit my girlfriend. (new Trainman1405 In Real Life post coming this week, by the way!) And since I make less than half of what I used to mixed along with Club Penguin no longer having coin codes or one month membership cards, I’m going to cut back on the 12 Days of Contests by about 2/3rds this year.

I’m undecided on exactly how many giveaways I’ll be holding this year, although I’m thinking about purchasing three, maybe 4 3-month membership cards. I also have a text file with some random coin and (I think 1 week) membership codes. I have no idea which ones are used and which aren’t but I’ll probably dig that up and post random codes from the file throughout the day and you guys can see for me if they were used or not. (I can say with certainty that most wouldn’t be used)

As for contests, I’m thinking about doing a word search, trivia, guess a number between 1 and 1,000 and the closest wins, and guess what room this screenshot was taken in.

As for a starting date, I’m thinking about beginning the 18th and posting every two days, giving everyone 48 hours to enter each contest.

Sound good and fair?


15 thoughts on “Announcement: 12 Days of Contests Is Becoming Smaller

  1. Only membership codes then? Oh :/

    I remember that back then you gave away Party Starts Now CD codes to unlock the Bling Bling necklace, Treasure Book codes, CJ Codes, among others. I understand CP is failing in terms of popularity (I’m really hoping CPNext and ProjectSuperSecret will save the game). I’m really disappointed how the current situation is, yet it’s not your fault though.

    Is there any way you can partner with somebody else like you did with Energezer last year?

  2. I think that it’s great that you’re doing this at all. I also have a 1-week membership code from a while back which I never used, if you need it.

  3. Hi train man sorry if this question makes you feel uncomfortable but what is fatigue/lyme disease and can it be cure base on what your doctor say?

    • Chronic fatigue is, put simply, extreme never-ending tiredness. Sleep does nothing. I have really low energy and can’t do much of anything so I just stay inside and sit around most fo the time. There’s no exact cure for it.

      Lyme’s disease comes from ticks. It causes fatigue, aches, brain fog, and more. Scientists are still learning about Lyme. It’s usually treated with antibiotics however I took them and they didn’t do anything for me.

  4. Aww that’s too bad. But I totally understand why you can’t. (especially since I’m so busy with school and dance that I haven’t been on either CP or this blog hardly at all lately) It’s too bad tho. 2013 was so fun people-else on CP

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