Club Penguin EPF Training Mission 6 Guide – Questions for a Crab

If you’re stuck and need help with the sixth EPF Training/PSA mission, Questions for a Crab, I have a guide and video tutorial available for you.

1. Talk to G. The crab’s interrogation will then start. The machine being used will blow up and Klutzy the crab will escape. Follow the crab.
2. The crab will take you to the mountain and into the wilderness.
3. Keep following the crab through the wilderness. In one of the rooms there is a bag of O’berries tied to a tree, which you need to cut down and collect by using the scissors from your spy phone.
4. Give an O’berry to the Black Puffle in the wilderness so it follows you.
5. Once in front of the cave, give it another O’berry so it goes inside and unlocks the door. Once unlocked, take a step inside.
6. You will end up trapped in a cage. The polar bear, Herbert, will steal your spy phone.
7. The polar bear will then tell you his life story. Once he’s (finally) done he will leave and you need to escape.
8. Put an O’berry on the brown lever. The black puffle will go on it. Water will start to pour out of the faucet.
9. Put another O’berry on the end of the gutter. The puffle will go on it and weigh the area down.
10. Put a third and final o’berry on the platform. The puffle will go onto it and the cage will lift.
11. Collect the hot sauce, blueprints, rope, and hook. Combine the rope and hook to make a grappling hook.
12. Go to leave the cave. When you try to leave the cave, snow will fall over and trap you inside. Combine an o’berry with the hot sauce. The black puffle will eat it and melt the snow, giving you an exit path.
13. Backtrack through the wilderness to the mountain. Take the grappling hook and use that to climb up. Go to the Ski Lodge.
14. Go behind the Ski Lodge where Ice Fishing is to look for Herbert. Then go to the Pizza Parlor. Ask the chef for a seaweed pizza. Take it, go back to Herbert, and give it to him.
15. When Herbert is distracted, pull the lever on the machine to switch it to reverse. Wait for Herbert to go on the machine, and once he does it’ll break the ice and he’ll fall in. G will then arrive, Herbert will call him from the spy phone he stole from you earlier, and the mission will be over.

Here is a video of the mission:

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